Volkswagen Vento Price

volkswagen vento price
volkswagen vento price

When it comes to the Volkswagen Vento, the price is just the beginning of the story. This stylish sedan offers much more than meets the eye. Step inside and you’ll discover a plush, dual-tone dashboard and premium beige leatherette seats that exude elegance. The leather-wrapped steering wheel feels great in your hands, and the solid build and remarkable fit and finish make every journey a pleasant experience.

Volkswagen Vento Interior

A Balanced Mix of Features

The Volkswagen Vento offers a well-rounded package of features. While it covers the basics like steering-mounted controls, a height-adjustable driver seat, and automatic climate control, it does miss out on some of the more aspirational features. You’ll find a small touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support, paired with a good music system. However, features like a digital MID, charging ports for gadgets, and automatic headlamps are noticeably absent. It’s worth noting that competitors in the segment offer additional high-end features like wireless chargers, sunroofs, larger infotainment screens, and ventilated seats, which add a modern touch and convenience to the cabin.

Volkswagen Vento Infotainment

Comfort and Space for All

The Volkswagen Vento has always prioritized the comfort of rear seat passengers, and the latest BS6 model is no different. With ample headroom, knee room, legroom, and comfortable cushioning, the rear seats invite you to relax and enjoy the ride. You can even accommodate three passengers at the back, though the transmission tunnel might require a slight adjustment. However, considering it’s 2021, it would have been nice to see cup holders in the rear armrest, a USB charger instead of a 12V socket, and the addition of sunshades.

Boot Space

Volkswagen Vento Boot Space

One area where the Volkswagen Vento shines is its generous boot space. With a capacity of 494 litres, this sedan can easily accommodate all your weekend luggage, including three suitcases and laptop bags without breaking a sweat.


  1. What is the price of the Volkswagen Vento?
    For the latest pricing information, visit the official Top Car website.

  2. Does the Volkswagen Vento have a sunroof?
    No, the Vento does not come equipped with a sunroof.

  3. Are there charging ports in the rear seats?
    Unfortunately, the Vento only offers a 12V socket in the rear, not charging ports.


The Volkswagen Vento offers a comfortable and stylish ride, with a price that reflects its quality. While some aspirational features may be missing, it excels in providing a premium driving experience. From the plush interiors to the spacious boot, this sedan is designed with your comfort in mind. So, if you’re looking for a compact sedan that delivers on both style and substance, the Volkswagen Vento should be at the top of your list.

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