Toyota Fortuner Price

toyota fortuner price
toyota fortuner price

The Toyota Fortuner has undergone significant changes, especially in its diesel powertrain. The 2.8-liter engine now produces 204PS of power and 500Nm of torque, which is 27PS and 80Nm higher than the previous model. However, the manual variants have slightly lower torque. The diesel AT 2WD powertrain, available only in the Legender variant, is the most suitable for urban driving. The recent BS6 update, along with the increased torque output, has enhanced the driving experience, making it smoother and more refined.

Toyota Fortuner

The improved cabin insulation also contributes to a quieter interior, with less engine noise permeating through. The engine now revs more smoothly, and the added torque makes city driving effortless. Surprisingly, despite weighing 2.6 tonnes, the Fortuner feels agile and nimble, accelerating quickly and effortlessly cruising through the city. The engine doesn’t feel strained, and the torque output is ample, allowing for easy overtakes. The gearbox logic is well-tuned, providing timely downshifts. For a sportier feel, manual control can be taken using the paddle shifters.

Toyota Fortuner

The Normal and Sport driving modes offer different driving experiences. In Eco mode, throttle response is dulled, making the Fortuner feel a bit sluggish but providing commendable fuel efficiency of 10.52kmpl in the city and 15.26kmpl on the highway. By contrast, the sportier modes offer impressive acceleration, allowing the Fortuner to cruise calmly at 100kmph at just 1750rpm. With a sprint time of 10.58 seconds from 0-100kmph and a 6.71-second time for in-gear acceleration from 20-80kmph, the Fortuner’s performance rivals that of sporty hatchbacks.

Ride and Handling

Toyota Fortuner

The Fortuner Legender showcases impressive composure on uneven roads. The 2WD powertrain feels more settled than the 4WD variant due to its lighter weight, totaling 125kg less. The cabin remains free from body jitteriness, and the suspension effectively minimizes harshness. These improvements, combined with the enhanced cabin insulation, make the Legender a comfortable SUV to navigate on the roads.

Toyota Fortuner

Even when venturing off-road, the Legender continues to provide comfort, as long as the driver maintains some momentum. At lower speeds, the surface feedback becomes more apparent. The Fortuner’s clearance and torque enable light off-roading, but it’s best to avoid soft sand or deep muck, as excessive wheel spinning may occur. The 4WD variants come equipped with a lockable differential to enhance their off-road capabilities.

Toyota Fortuner

Regarding handling, the Legender benefits from its steering setup. With drive-mode-dependent weight adaptation, the steering feels light and easy to maneuver in Eco and Normal modes, while providing a suitable level of weight in Sport mode. Previously present jitteriness and surface feedback on the older Fortuner’s steering are now entirely eradicated. However, considering its 2.6-tonne body-on-frame construction, mild caution is advised while cornering to avoid any unwelcome surprises.


  • Q: What are the improvements in the diesel powertrain of the Toyota Fortuner?

  • A: The diesel powertrain now produces 204PS of power and 500Nm of torque, which is 27PS and 80Nm higher than before.

  • Q: Are there manual variants available for the Toyota Fortuner?

  • A: Yes, manual variants are available, but they have slightly lower torque.

  • Q: Which driving mode provides better fuel efficiency?

  • A: The Eco mode dulls down throttle response but offers commendable fuel efficiency of 10.52kmpl in the city and 15.26kmpl on the highway.

  • Q: Does the Toyota Fortuner Legender perform well off-road?

  • A: The Legender provides a comfortable off-road experience with its clearance and torque, although it’s best to avoid soft sand or deep muck.


The Toyota Fortuner has undergone impressive enhancements, particularly in its diesel powertrain. The increased power and torque, combined with improved refinement, make the driving experience smoother and more enjoyable. The Fortuner’s agility and nimbleness, despite its weight, allow for effortless city driving and quick overtakes. With its comfortable ride, impressive off-road capabilities, and refined steering, the Fortuner Legender is a well-rounded SUV. To learn more about the latest car reviews and automotive expertise, visit Top Car.

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