Tesla Supercharger Cost

tesla supercharger cost
tesla supercharger cost

The Tesla Model 3 has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the best-selling electric cars of all time. In 2021, Tesla achieved record sales in the UK, as more and more people embrace the electric revolution.

What sets Tesla apart as a go-to brand for electric vehicles is not only their range of stylish, modern, and tech-packed cars but also their comprehensive charging ecosystem. Tesla has built a charging network that makes living with an EV simple and convenient, ensuring that drivers can easily charge their cars while away from home.

Where Can You Charge A Tesla In The UK?

Tesla offers two types of charging networks for public use: the Destination and Supercharger networks.

Destination Charging

Destination Charging is available at venues where you’re likely to spend a few hours, such as restaurants or hotels. These cost-effective and convenient charge points allow you to park your Tesla, plug it into one of the wall connectors, and enjoy your time while your car charges. You can expect to gain around 35-40 miles of range per hour of charging at a Destination Charger. Best of all, these chargers are free to use for Tesla drivers who are customers of the charging location.

The Supercharger Network

The Supercharger Network consists of over 35,000 charging stations conveniently located along major roads, near amenities like restaurants, shops, and restrooms. Whether you’re driving in the UK or abroad, you’ll never be too far from a Supercharger facility. Superchargers are some of the fastest charging points available, capable of adding 172 miles of range in just 15 minutes. They are integrated into Tesla’s in-car navigation and mobile app, making them easy to locate and plan your journey around.

Tesla Supercharger

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla Using The Supercharger Network?

Tesla drivers using the Supercharger network pay for their charging sessions on a pay-as-you-go basis, only paying for the power they consume. In the UK, the average price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) for a Supercharger is around 67p. However, Tesla owners who subscribe to the £10.99 per month membership pay a reduced rate of approximately 53p per kWh. Non-Tesla drivers can also use the Supercharger network at a higher rate of 77p per kWh.

It’s worth noting that Tesla recommends charging only up to 80% at Superchargers, as the battery charges slower beyond that point. This ensures that Superchargers remain available for drivers who need to charge the most.

Here’s an estimate of how much it would cost to charge different Tesla models up to 80% using the Supercharger network at the PAYG rate of £0.67 per kWh:

  • Model 3 Standard Range: £32.16 per charge
  • Model 3 Long Range & Performance: £44.22 per charge
  • Model Y Standard Range: £32.16 per charge
  • Model Y Long Range & Performance: £44.22 per charge

What Is The Tesla Idle Fee?

To make public charging more accessible and increase availability, Tesla has introduced the Supercharger Idle Fee. For every minute a fully charged Tesla remains connected to a Supercharger, the driver incurs an idle fee of 50p per minute. However, if the car is moved within 5 minutes, the fee is waived. The price of the idle fee varies depending on the Supercharger station’s capacity. It costs 50p when the station is half full and doubles when it reaches full capacity.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge A Tesla At Home?

Charging your Tesla at home is cheaper and more convenient than charging in public. The cost per kilowatt-hour will depend on your electricity provider and location in the UK. By reviewing your electric bill, you can determine the exact price you pay. Providers cannot charge more than 34p per kWh.

For day-to-day charging at home, it’s perfectly fine to charge your Tesla up to 100%. Slower charging speeds are gentler on the battery, and there’s no need to worry if the charging session finishes overnight. Your car will be perfectly fine staying plugged in until the morning.

Here’s an estimate of how much it would cost for a full charge at home for different Tesla models:

  • Model 3 Standard Range: £20.40 per charge
  • Model 3 Long Range & Performance: £27.88 per charge
  • Model Y Standard Range: £20.40 per charge
  • Model Y Long Range & Performance: £27.88 per charge

How Does Charging A Tesla Compare To Charging A Standard EV?

Charging costs for Teslas can be higher due to their larger battery capacities compared to other popular electric cars in the UK. For example, the BMW i4 has a usable capacity of 80 kWh, which costs £27.20 to charge at home or £42.88 for an 80% charge at a Supercharger. In comparison, the Tesla Model X has a 105 kWh battery capacity, which would cost £35.70 at home and £56.28 for an 80% charge at a Supercharger station.

While charging a Tesla may be more expensive due to battery size, Teslas offer some of the longest ranges available, making them worth considering based on your needs and preferences. You can apply the same calculations used in this guide to compare Tesla models and charger costs with other electric vehicles you’re considering.

For more information on charging costs and to learn about the cost of charging your specific electric car, check out our charging costs guide. If you’re ready to make the switch to an EV, visit our Top Car website for the latest electric car lease deals.


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Tesla’s Supercharger network and charging ecosystem make owning an electric car more accessible and convenient. While Supercharger costs vary depending on membership and non-Tesla usage, charging at home is cheaper and ideal for everyday use. Although charging a Tesla may be more expensive due to larger battery sizes, their exceptional range and performance make them a compelling choice for EV enthusiasts. So, if you’re considering an electric car, don’t forget to explore the world of Teslas and experience the future of automotive innovation.

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