Subaru Hybrid Models

subaru hybrid models
subaru hybrid models

Are you ready for the future of driving? Subaru certainly is. With their dedication to electrification, Subaru aims to have 40% of their global sales comprised of electrified vehicles by 2030. They have been making strategic moves, including the establishment of a new R&D center and an engineering manufacturing division for EVs.

Now, with the introduction of the Solterra EV, Subaru is looking to expand their lineup of hybrids and electric vehicles. According to Subaru’s SVP of corporate planning, Tomoaki Emori, the latest electrification plan will bring “strong hybrids and electric vehicles” to the U.S. market by 2025. They recognize the need to offer several models in their EV lineup, so be prepared for a range of exciting options.

Collaborations and Advancements

For the near-term products, Subaru has teamed up with Toyota to develop joint projects. The Solterra, for instance, is Subaru’s version of the Toyota bX4X and is manufactured at a Toyota factory. This collaboration allows Subaru to enter the EV space quickly while they work on building their own EVs at their Gunma plant in the coming years.

Hybrids will also play a significant role in Subaru’s electrification strategy. The sixth-generation Subaru Forester, expected to hit the market soon, will be one of the first collaborations. Subaru plans to leverage Toyota’s hybrid technology in the “mid-2020s.” Rumor has it that the Forester might even feature the plug-in hybrid powertrain from the Toyota RAV4 Primeā€”an exciting development that showcases Subaru’s commitment to advancing their hybrid offerings.

Subaru Forester
The upcoming Subaru Forester.

A Promising Future

Subaru’s dedication to hybrids and electric vehicles is evident. While specifics about future models beyond the Solterra remain unknown, Subaru promises more exciting options. Their commitment to electrification means that Subaru enthusiasts can look forward to a lineup that combines performance, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

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Remember, the future is electric, and Subaru is leading the way.


Q: Will Subaru offer plug-in hybrid options?
A: Subaru plans to introduce plug-in hybrid options, starting with the anticipated sixth-generation Subaru Forester. Stay tuned for more information as Subaru updates its electrification roadmap.

Q: When can we expect Subaru’s own EVs?
A: While the Solterra is a joint project with Toyota, Subaru is actively working on developing its own EVs. It’s expected that in the next three or four years, Subaru will be able to produce their own EVs at their Gunma plant. Exciting times lie ahead for Subaru enthusiasts!


With their ambitious electrification plans, Subaru is poised to revolutionize the automotive industry. The introduction of the Solterra EV is just the beginning of an electrifying journey for the brand. As Subaru collaborates with Toyota and leverages their hybrid technology, we can expect a diverse lineup of hybrids and EVs that combine Subaru’s signature performance and reliability with eco-friendly features. Keep an eye out for the latest Subaru hybrid models, and let Top Car be your guide to the world of electrifying driving experiences.

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