Porsche Meaning In English

porsche meaning in english
porsche meaning in english

Welcome to Top Car, where we delve into the world of automobiles to bring you the latest news, updates, and reviews. Today, we’ll be discussing the meaning of the iconic brand name “Porsche” in English.

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A Step Toward Increased Autonomy and Entrepreneurial Freedom

With today’s initial listing, Porsche has taken a significant step toward increased autonomy and entrepreneurial freedom. The IPO marks a new chapter in the unique history of the company. This historical moment for Porsche is a result of the dedication and hard work of its more than 37,000 colleagues worldwide.

Ambitious Goals – Economically, Ecologically, and Socially

Porsche has set ambitious goals in the areas of economics, ecology, and social responsibility. The brand aims to redefine the concept of modern luxury by combining luxury with sustainability and social commitment. In line with this vision, Porsche plans to have over 80 percent of its new vehicles delivered by 2030 be battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). Additionally, the company is working towards achieving a net carbon-neutral value chain in 2030 and a net carbon-neutral use-phase for future BEV models.

Return on Sales and Financial Position

Porsche is in a robust financial position, with an operating return on sales target of 17 to 18 percent for the year 2022. The brand aims to increase its Automotive EBITDA margin and Automotive net cash flow margin in the mid to long term. With a focus on financial performance, Porsche strives to achieve an operating return on sales of more than 20 percent in the long run.

Private Investors and Allocation

Retail investors have been allocated approximately 7.7 percent of the total placement volume of Preferred Shares in the IPO. Due to oversubscription, not all orders from retail investors could be fulfilled. The allocation followed specific criteria set by the ministry of finance’s stock exchange expert commission.

Important Notice

Please note that the information in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to purchase any shares in Porsche AG. To learn more about the IPO and the securities prospectus, please visit the official website of Porsche AG at Top Car.


Q: What does Porsche stand for?

A: The name “Porsche” originates from the family name of Ferdinand Porsche, the founding father of the brand. It represents a legacy of engineering excellence, craftsmanship, and automotive passion.

Q: Is Porsche purely an electric car brand?

A: While Porsche places a great emphasis on electromobility and aims for a significant percentage of their vehicle sales to be electric by 2030, the brand continues to produce a range of high-performance gasoline-powered vehicles.

Q: What is the significance of Porsche’s IPO?

A: The IPO marks a milestone for Porsche, providing the brand with increased autonomy and entrepreneurial freedom. With the IPO, Porsche can further pursue its ambitious goals in the areas of sustainability, innovation, and luxury.


Porsche’s IPO represents a momentous occasion for the brand, symbolizing increased autonomy and entrepreneurial freedom. With its ambitious goals in economics, ecology, and social responsibility, Porsche aims to redefine modern luxury. The iconic brand continues to captivate the automotive world with its innovative engineering and unparalleled driving experience.

Note: This article contains information sourced from the official Porsche AG website. For detailed information and investment decisions, please refer to the securities prospectus available at Top Car.

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