Nissan Magnite Price

nissan magnite price
nissan magnite price

Introducing the Nissan Magnite, a sub-compact SUV that defies expectations with its remarkable proportions and stylish design. With proper overhangs and a rear design that flows seamlessly, the Magnite exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication. Despite not being as wide or tall as its rivals, the Magnite’s stance gives it an elongated appearance that is sure to turn heads.

Underlying Platform and Rivals

The Nissan Magnite is built on a modified version of the CMF-A+ platform, which is also used by the Renault Triber. Interestingly, Renault will be launching its own counterpart to the Magnite called the Kiger. Both vehicles share the same platform, ensuring a solid foundation for performance and safety.

SUV Look and Features

The Magnite boasts a true SUV look, with a generous ground clearance of 205mm (unladen) and 16-inch wheels as standard (alloys in the XV/XV Premium variants). Additionally, functional roof rails are provided even in the base variant, with a load capacity of 50kg.

Nissan Magnite

From the front, the Magnite exhibits similarities with the Nissan Kicks, featuring sweptback headlamps and a black contrast lower lip that houses the fog lights. The grille design, however, is notably Datsun-inspired, reflecting the initial badge the Magnite was supposed to carry. Nissan has managed to retain the distinctive and eye-catching design showcased in the concept car, ensuring that the showroom version remains just as captivating.

Premium Lighting

The Magnite features LED headlights, adding a touch of premium appeal. Each side boasts a single projector for both low and high beams, accompanied by multi-reflector pilot lights. LED fog lamps and turn indicators are neatly integrated above the headlights. The XV Premium variant exclusively offers LED headlights, while other variants come with halogen reflector headlights. LED DRLs and fog lights are available in the XV and XV Premium variants.

Nissan Magnite Headlights

Sporty Side Profile

The side profile of the Magnite exudes sportiness, accentuated by the diamond-cut alloy wheels and a large roof spoiler. The wheel arch cladding features reflector indents, adding to the overall aesthetic appeal. Opting for the two-tone color options further enhances the visual impact, making this angle the one you’ll find yourself admiring the most.

Nissan Magnite Side Profile

Rear Design and Additional Features

At the rear, the Magnite embraces a thicker dose of cladding, with turbo and CVT badges to indicate the version you’re driving. One notable feature is the inclusion of a rear wiper and washer as standard, ensuring clear visibility in all weather conditions.

Nissan Magnite AMT

Recently, Nissan has introduced an AMT option for the Magnite, offering convenience and style in a new black and blue dual-tone shade.


Q: What platform is the Nissan Magnite based on?
A: The Nissan Magnite is based on a modified version of the CMF-A+ platform, also used by the Renault Triber.

Q: Is the Nissan Magnite wider and taller than its rivals?
A: No, the Magnite is not as wide or tall as some of its competitors. However, its unique stance gives it the appearance of a longer vehicle.

Q: What are the color options available for the Nissan Magnite?
A: The color options for the Magnite include silver, brown, black, and white. Two-tone color options are also available, such as red with black contrast, brown with black contrast, white with black contrast, and blue with white contrast.


The Nissan Magnite impresses with its well-proportioned design and attention to detail. From its sleek front end to its sporty side profile and elegant rear, this sub-compact SUV is a true head-turner. With a range of features and options to choose from, the Magnite offers a compelling package at an attractive price point. Visit the official website of Top Car to learn more about the Nissan Magnite and other exciting vehicles in the lineup.

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