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mitsubishi san antonio
mitsubishi san antonio

Are you tired of dealing with the expenses and mess that come with installing ductwork? Look no further than the Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system. With just a three-inch hole in the wall, a mounting system, and access to electricity, you can have precise temperature control in every room of your home or business. At Top Car, we choose the Mitsubishi ductless mini split system for its precision and reliability.

Why Choose a Mitsubishi Ductless Unit?

When it comes to controlling the temperature in the areas you use most, Mitsubishi ductless units are more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. Not only are they safer than window units that can be easily pushed in or removed, but they also seamlessly integrate with the d├ęcor of your home. Say goodbye to noisy HVAC systems, as Mitsubishi ductless units operate quietly. By localizing energy use, you can save significant costs on utility bills. Additionally, the flexibility to achieve different temperatures in each room ensures that you are not wasting energy on unused spaces.

Mitsubishi Ductless Unit

Every Mitsubishi ductless mini split system comes with both internal and external applications tailored to meet your heating and air conditioning needs. With an easy-to-use smartphone app, you can conveniently control the temperature of your units remotely. Forget to adjust the heat before leaving for the day? No worries, you can easily do it from your phone.

Trust Top Car for Immaculate Installation

When it comes to installing a Mitsubishi ductless unit in San Antonio, trust our expert team at Top Car. As industry-trained Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors, we can provide advice on the right unit for your specific needs at an affordable price. Our team is constantly trained on the latest products, follow-up care, and maintenance to ensure you receive the most advanced HVAC technology available.


Q: How does a Mitsubishi ductless mini split system work?

A: Mitsubishi ductless mini split systems work by providing precise temperature control in each room without the need for ductwork. They consist of an outdoor unit and one or multiple indoor units, allowing you to customize the temperature in different areas of your home.

Q: Can I install a Mitsubishi ductless unit myself?

A: While it’s possible to install a Mitsubishi ductless unit yourself, we highly recommend hiring professionals for a safe and proper installation. Our team at Top Car has the expertise and experience to ensure a seamless installation process.

Q: Do Mitsubishi ductless units require regular maintenance?

A: Yes, regular maintenance is essential to keep your Mitsubishi ductless unit running efficiently. Our team at Top Car can provide you with the necessary maintenance services to prolong the lifespan of your unit.


With the Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system, you can enjoy precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and quiet operation in every room. Trust Top Car to install your Mitsubishi ductless unit in San Antonio. Contact us today at Top Car to learn more about our impeccable installation and service.

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