Ford Endeavour Price

ford endeavour price
ford endeavour price

The Ford Endeavour, known for its power and performance, has received an upgrade in the form of a new 2.0-litre EcoBlue engine. This engine, with its 170PS of power and 420Nm of torque, strikes a perfect balance between the older 2.2-litre and 3.2-litre engines. While the power and torque figures may be lower than the 3.2L engine, it hasn’t affected the performance.

Ford Endeavour

The first noticeable difference is the smoother tone of the new engine. It feels more refined and quieter than its predecessor. Step on the gas and you’ll experience a smoother acceleration, thanks to the cleaner power delivery. Overtaking becomes a smoother affair, but the thrill of the torque surge may be missed by some enthusiasts. However, overall, you’ll hardly notice the downsizing. The engine operates quietly, especially when paired with the new 10-speed automatic transmission. Cruising at 100kmph, the engine remains barely audible inside the cabin.

This combination of a smaller engine and an improved gearbox also contributes to better fuel efficiency. The 2.0-litre unit offers a claimed efficiency of 13.9kmpl with the 4×2 drivetrain and 12.4kmpl with 4×4. These figures surpass the older drivetrains, although the manual 2.2-litre variant remains the most efficient.

Ford Endeavour

The new 10-speed transmission is a smart addition to the Endeavour. It ensures quick and seamless shifts while also being able to skip gears to suit your driving style. When cruising on an empty road, the gearbox can skip gears to maintain momentum without frequent shifting. This feature contributes to a smoother driving experience. The transmission even reaches the 10th gear at 90kmph, allowing the engine to remain relaxed and quiet during cruising.

For those who want a quicker acceleration, the sport mode holds the gears for longer, resulting in a significant speed gain. The gearbox also offers Progressive Range Selection, which allows you to lock out gears, particularly useful in off-roading situations.

Ford Endeavour

Speaking of off-roading, the Endeavour, equipped with the new engine and gearbox combination, performs admirably. The shorter ratios of the gearbox ensure you are always in the powerband, providing ample momentum. The Terrain Management System adjusts power delivery, throttle response, and gearbox logic to maintain traction. Additionally, you can engage 4-wheel low and lock the differential for even more challenging situations. While we faced some challenges due to our lack of experience, the Endeavour’s capabilities were not to blame.

Ride and Handling

Ford Endeavour

The suspension of the Endeavour has been slightly retuned to accommodate the weight of the new transmission and engine. As a result, it handles small bumps and potholes with better composure. Previously known for its slight stiffness, the Endeavour’s suspension now feels smoother, making it more comfortable on Indian roads. When it comes to handling, the Endeavour manages its weight well, displaying controlled body roll without causing any nervousness among the occupants.


  1. What is the price of the Ford Endeavour?

    • For the latest pricing information, please visit the Top Car website.
  2. Does the new engine affect the fuel efficiency of the Endeavour?

    • The new 2.0-litre engine actually improves fuel efficiency compared to the older variants, making it a more economical choice.


The Ford Endeavour, with its new 2.0-litre EcoBlue engine and improved gearbox, offers a refined and powerful driving experience. It retains its off-road capabilities while providing better fuel efficiency. The retuned suspension ensures a comfortable ride, and the handling remains impressive. If you’re looking for a capable and thrilling SUV, the Ford Endeavour is a top contender in its segment.

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